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Kevin Wilke was a driving force in the formation of The Friends Of Long Key organization, which  was created to support the mission of the Long Key Nature Center and Natural Area in west Davie.  For those of you who wish to honor Kevin's legacy, please make a charitable contribution to FOLK by sending a check in his honor to
                     Friends Of Long Key
  3501 SW 130th Avenue, Davie, Florida 33330

Long Key
, which is operated by
Broward County Parks, is a rich Florida treasure hidden away
near the estate homes and gated communities of west Davie.  Admission is free!

We are the
riends Of Long Key

Click HERE to see the Photo Contest Winning Entries on the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel web site. Go to Long Key to see every entry on display through May 15.

Known as FOLK, Inc., our Citizens Support Organization was incorporated and registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in 2014.

The primary goals of FOLK include:

1. Protecting Long Key’s ancient environment, and
2. Promoting the Nature Center’s purpose of providing a valuable cultural, historical, botanical, and biological resource for the citizens of Broward.
To conduct fund raising activities for the benefit of the Long Key Natural Area and Nature Center. (To see
the complete list of goals, click HERE.)


FOLK volunteers were recognized for the group's achievements at a Broward County Commission meeting in December, 2015.  The happy folks in the front are Parks Director Dan West, Paul Kragh, Jan Lowenthal, Long Key Naturalist Kelli Whitney, Janice Malkoff, Ann Haeflinger, commissioner Lois Wexler, and Broward County Mayor Marty Kiar, who handed out the t-shirts.


LONG KEY -- BACKGROUND.  Until recently, this elevated oak hammock was the longest of a small chain of islands in the wet, east Everglades marshes, where traces of human settlement go back 3,000 years.  Long Key was a home to Tequesta Native Americans, the first identifiable human inhabitants of the giant swamp.  This high-and-dry location was later occupied by the Seminoles in the 19th Century.

In the 1900s, Long Key was variously a citrus grove, dairy farm, then Pioneer City -- an Old West theme park with its own railroad -- and finally, the highly-popular Kapok Tree restaurant, which was known for its Imperial Roman motif amidst spectacular landscaping.  In 1990, following the demise and demolition of the Kapok Tree, Broward County acquired the land and began returning much of it to its natural state by restoring wetlands and transplanting non-native trees to other parks.

The new Nature Center, with its exhibit and assembly halls,
theater, and classroom was completed in 2008. 

"Exactly where is Long Key?"

A tad north of Griffin Road and a bit west of Flamingo Road
in the heart of west Davie.

Long Key's address is 3501 SW 130th Avenue, Davie, Florida 33330
To reach the Nature Center, call (954) 357-8797

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